A CSU fundraising event for

Last year's race raised $4378 - our goal is to beat this in 2017




How to enter

Please complete the team entry form on this website. Submit and wait for a response from our team organisers.

Rules of the Race

  1. Stay on the one team, no changing
  2. 4 people per team (you can have a spare/substitute due to illness or injury
  3. Decisions of the race controller are final and not subject to appeal.
  4. Clues that are given per envelope message should be followed without deviation.
  5. Instructions from the race marshals must be followed.
  6. Any team that does not follow the rules above may have points deducted or be disqualified.
  7. No sabotages of clues or other team's activities. This may result in point reduction or time penalty.


Any CSU employee, or student is eligible to enter the race. If you have any special circumstances, for example a disability, please contact the race organisers who will advise some details about any difficulties which could be overcome.

Terms and conditions

  1. The team who scores the most amount of points and the team who raise the most funds will win 'first' name positions on the perpetual trophy. This trophy is kept on show at the Rafters Bar.
  2. The team that wins the Race will be awarded medals. The Highest Fundraising team will also be acknowledged with medals. Other prizes will be up for grabs throughout the race.
  3. Gifts and donations will be acknowledged with a receipt that can be used for tax reasons.
  4. Injury disclaimer - All team members will be required to sign a release of liability form as part of registration on the first day.


This information is being collected to enable an official receipt to be sent to you for taxation purposes and to allow CSU to maintain future relationships with you. Please refer to the University's Privacy Management Plan for further information. View the University's Privacy Management Plan here


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Central Tablelands Woodcraft
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Fifty Eight George
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